Buffalo Curd in Sri Lanka

Does ‘Buffalo Curd’ make a friend or an enemy to your diet?

When it comes to our favorite foods, we often find ourselves torn between our cravings and concerns for our health. 

Some delicacies are just too tempting to resist, but we’re hesitant to indulge in them due to their potential health consequences. 

Buffalo curd, a sweet and traditional dessert made from buffalo milk, is a beloved treat that graces many Sri Lankan tables. 

This article explores the nutritional aspects of buffalo curd, and its place in our diet, and provides insights on how to incorporate it wisely.

What Is Buffalo Curd?

Buffalo curd is a delightful sweet delicacy made from buffalo milk, often served with treacle, that holds a special place in the culinary traditions of Sri Lanka

This article delves into its popularity and the cultural significance it carries.

The Story of Andare (Jester) and Buffalo Curd

A famous anecdote in Sri Lankan culture highlights the irresistible allure of buffalo curd. Discover how this sweet dessert became a symbol of desire among the Sri Lankan community.

In the heart of the bustling King’s Palace, Andare, the jovial jester, was a beloved figure, known for his quick wit and infectious laughter. 

One day, as Andare strolled through the palace courtyard, he stumbled upon a peculiar sight – a mound of glistening white crystals spread out to dry under the warm sun. 

Intrigued, he approached the king, who was overseeing the drying process.

“Your Majesty,” Andare inquired, his curiosity piqued, “what is this strange substance?”

The king, a stern but wise ruler, responded with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “It’s soil, Andare, the very foundation of life.”

Andare, ever the resourceful jester, immediately recognized the opportunity for a prank. A cunning plan began to form in his mind, one that would involve his son, a mischievous lad much like his father.

“Soil, you say?” Andare exclaimed, feinting surprise. “Oh, how I wish I could taste it!”

News of Andare’s supposed desire to eat soil spread like wildfire throughout the palace. His son, eager to join in his father’s antics, burst into the palace courtyard, wailing and lamenting the untimely demise of his mother.

Andare, upon hearing his son’s cries, put on a convincing display of grief. “Oh, my dear boy,” he mourned, “what shall we do without your mother? 

Now we are truly doomed to eat soil!”

With a dramatic flourish, Andare scooped up a handful of the glistening crystals and popped them into his mouth. 

His son, catching on to his father’s ruse, followed suit, both of them relishing the sweetness of the sugar.

The king, watching the scene unfold, couldn’t help but chuckle. He admired Andare’s wit and resourcefulness, even if it meant indulging in a little mischief.

And so, the tale of Andare, the jester who ate sugar disguised as soil, became a legend within the King’s Palace, a reminder that even in the midst of sorrow, laughter could always find a way to shine through.

Why Buy Buffalo Curd Instead of Making It at Home?

Despite its popularity, buffalo curd is not commonly prepared at home. 

This section explores the reasons behind the preference for store-bought buffalo curd and why making it at home can be a challenging endeavor.

The Complexity of Homemade Buffalo Curd

The process of making buffalo curd at home is intricate and time-consuming. 

It involves specific steps that are not easy to master without practice, and the convenience of store-bought options is appealing.

The Traditional Process of Making Buffalo Curd

Learn about the traditional method of making buffalo curd, including the preparation of milk, coagulation, and the extended resting period that gives the curd its distinct creamy texture.

Choosing the Right Buffalo Curd

If you decide to buy buffalo curd, it’s essential to know how to differentiate between high-quality and lower-quality options. 

This section provides guidance on selecting the best buffalo curd for your consumption.

Buffalo Milk vs. Cow Milk

Discover why buffalo milk is the preferred choice for making buffalo curd and the key factors that contribute to its rich and creamy consistency.

Moderation in Consumption

While buffalo curd offers a delightful taste and texture, its higher fat content should be considered. Find out why it’s important to consume buffalo curd in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


In the world of culinary delights, buffalo curd remains a beloved treat with deep cultural roots. 

By understanding its nutritional aspects and making informed choices, you can savor this sweet dessert while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

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