How to find your purpose?

We, as earthlings, have a mission in life. Each individual is different so do their purposes too. How to know your purpose? How to reveal your life purpose and live a more meaningful and conscious life?

Give your time or resources

It might be volunteering in an animal shelter every other weekend or donating some amount of money for a better cause such as uplifting the lives of single mothers…etc.

When you support or help others, it is easier to find the best way you can continue assisting them. It may be financial support or your talent or your time.

Follow your interests

No matter who you are by your occupation, you might have different interests such as teaching children, cooking, or gardening. Research and make an effort to find how to turn your interests into a source by which you can give back to society. For example, if you are passionate about teaching, you may volunteer to teach a few economically struggling students and achieve great satisfaction out of it

Think about social injustice you want to eliminate

It may come through your own experience or the general society, there might be certain social injustices you believe are harmful to society and should be ended. For example, Domestic violence, Child abuse or Animal abuse are commonly identified social issues many are concerned about. You can take a small step towards eliminating those issues by addressing them through your social media and making awareness about these matters and a lot more.

Always follow your heart when you try to find your life purpose. Knowing and working towards your purpose will lead you to live a more wholesome life in no time.