Having the look you had in your 20s forever is every woman’s dream. To make our skin healthy and youthful, we do not hesitate to spend plenty of money on anti-ageing skin treatments offered by Beauty salons and Spas. Next time, before you hop into a Salon to get your anti-ageing treatment, we want you to stop a bit and try this amazing device from “NuSkin ageLOC® Galvanic Spa” designed to make your skin retain its youthfulness by targeting the ultimate sources of aging, ageLOC can dramatically diminish the appearance of aging..

What is Nuskin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa?

NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa is a beauty tool that makes your skin visibly younger. It uses galvanic current which allows the active ingredients of NuSkin skin applications to penetrate deep into your skin.

When you apply your skincare applications using your hands it reaches only the outer layer of your skin, which is dermis. But Galvanic Spa is designed to take your skincare products into the deep to reach the epidermis layer. Because of this reason, using Galvanic Spa you can get the maximum benefits of your skincare products and improve skin elasticity.

NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa is designed to make your life easier. It identifies your skin thickness and automatically adjusts the required galvanic current which works for your skin type. Isn’t it amazing?

What are the benefits of NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa?

Who can use NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa?

  • Matured Skin

Because your skin needs help

  • Non-matured Skin

Because your skin needs prevention

How long does it take to see results with NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa?

Only 05 minutes

What are the Skincare products to be used with NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa?

It differs with the treatment you are expecting from the device. For example, NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa comes with different heads, each head targets different body parts/  treatment (Please click here for more details). However, it is advised to use NuSkin Skincare products with the device to get the optimized results as Nuskin Skincare products are ionized (Please click here for more details). Ionized skincare corporate with the galvanic current better than standard skincare, to go deep into your skin and work the magic.

How frequent should you be using NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa?

Initially  twice a week.

Once you received the desired results, you may use it only once per week

So hurry up! Order your NuSkin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa now and elevate your skincare journey to the next level!!!

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