Starship – Making The Mars dream a reality

In a country where upward mobility is possible for all, one man is trying hard to keep the civilisation moving forward. Wouldn’t you worry if you heard an asteroid is heading to earth with a possibility of an extinction event? Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company, SpaceX is working day and night to make human life multi-planetary.

To achieve this noble purpose, Musk is developing a reusable transport system called, Starship. A spacecraft that can take 100 people to Marse in one go.

The Starship is a combined system of a spacecraft and a rocket called” Super Heavy” with a height of 394 feet, when spacecraft sits on the rocket

In the spacecraft, Methane and Oxygen act as fuel and oxidiser respectively making the fuel burn.

When it comes to the rocket component, it’s 70 meters long and will be powered by 32 raptor engines.

Further, Musk is planning to install around 40 cabins in the payload area near the front of the upper stage and wishes to include around 2-3 people in each cabin during the trips between Mars and earth.

A fully reusable transport system capable of carrying up to 100 people to Mars is the mission for the Starship making life multi-planetary.

Below is a comparison of Rockets with planned Starship.