Understand the 4 aspects of mental health

Across Asia, a growing percentage of the adult population up to 20% experiences a diagnosable mental illness in any given year.

Mental health is no less significant than physical health, rather supports us to go through different phases of life with more stability

Mental fitness is the ability to think clearly and make decisions effectively and efficiently 

There are 04 components of mental fitness


Self-acceptance, Self-esteem, Resilience and the ability to manage strong emotions are known as the emotional aspect of Mental fitness


Friends are important. They bring happiness, support and enrichment to our life


Many of us face stress due to financial issues and they affect our work and relationships. The sense of being in control of your finances, being able to manage financial setbacks and ability to achieve financial goals are included therein

Physical health

You can not have good mental health with a weak body. Your physical health directly affects the way you think

Being a fit person both mentally and physically is not a difficult task.

Mental and physical fitness can be achieved through a good diet, regular exercise and good sleep.