Visiting Sigiriya Lions Rock

It’s obvious no matter how much you research of the place you are about to visit, once you are on foot you will still be quite confused as to how to get there unless you are using Google maps. So get your map on you with a good camera because you are going to take a trip down history of Sri Lanka.

A wonderful architecture has taken possession of my entire soul, like the awe inspiring sunset which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone and feel the charm of existence.

There are a few noteworthy stops you must take on your way up to the Lions Mouth on top of Sigiriya. Don’t forget to notice the 2 animal face shaped rock. The Elephant head and the Snakes head facing opposite directions while you  climb up from the middle of them.

It’s amazing how advance craftsmanship was  few centuries ago and to date there is non like Sigiriya to be found in South Asia. You can get a fantastic view of Sigiriya if you summit Pidurangala Rock as well.

Get ready to climb over 2ooo steps to get one of the best views you will have in Sri Lanka. 


Share your experience and please feel free to let me know if I have missed out some noteworthy points here.

Have fun on your way up and don’t be too loud since you do not want the wasps to attack you while you are up a rock. Once you summit Sigiriya for the first time, the feel you get can only be explained by a picture!