Healthy Hair

4 Vital Keys for Healthy Hair

Our Hair is produced by the follicle and is lifeless. It’s a surplus of blood which means healthy hair correlates with lively living. Our hair composes of dead keratin filled cells which is unable to repair themselves.

We all are envious of the thick, shiny black hair and most often TV commercials and print ads portray these qualities.

Hair is vulnerable to damage due to its inability to repair itself. We need to protect our hair from ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and damage from pressure as well.

There are so many factors we need to be aware of, but we will focus on the four things you need to get right to have beautiful hair.


What we mean by having tenacity is to have hair without split ends and be elastic. Healthy hairs tenacity is similar to a metal wire of the same thickness.


Healthy hair contains around 10% moisture content in a mild environment. If your hair seems frizzy, plagued with static and fly-away you might have serious water loss also it might absorb excess moisture when wet.


Hair is soft, smooth and easy to comb not greasy. Soft hair is also easy to style.


Healthy hair looks solid, shiny and vibrant. Dried hair on the other hand is dull in colour similar to dried talk of grain.

If hair lacks collagen it tends to split ends and dry. It needs nutrition as well. We should take great care of our hair daily.