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Astrology: A Journey Of Discovery

The star and planet alignment at our birth tell us everything there is to know about the unpredictable lives we live. You let the astrologer determine whether or not you and your partner will be able to make it to the end. Don’t all the maestros state that our lives are the result of our deeds and decisions?

Astrology, Marriage and Horoscopes: Reaping what you sow

When you check the horoscope, it reads some things you can relate to about your life. There should be a truth to it, or else how could you have survived the ups and downs in life you would wonder.

An astrologist would read your horoscope and detailed your entire personality, including aspects that no one else, not even your life partner, knew about you. You tend to feel it has some truth to it. Especially if someone who didn’t even know you existed before you showed up says things about yourself that only you know. Many people believe astrology is accurate because of this unexpected feature or unexplainable occurrence of a stranger spelling out your history and present life.

Astrology is Fact or Fiction: The Popular belief

Astrology is an ancient geometrical mathematical means of assessing the possibilities of once life,’ explains a second generation astrologer who had followed in his father’s footsteps into the profession. ‘You can deny it exists, but it’s difficult to deny that much of it is true as long as I’m alive,’ he said. 

Although some people believe astrology is a paranormal technique of predicting one’s life, most practitioners explain it as a scientific and rational way of doing so. It’s like a road map; your life will inevitably have its share of bumps.

If two people refused marriage because their horoscopes don’t match, and they decide to go their separate ways, the horoscopes were the closest cause for the split.

It’s as if the two were never meant to be together,’ remarked someone with more in-depth knowledge of the matter. That’s true, but it also introduces the concept of ‘destiny.’ Whether a person’s life is predetermined from the minute he or she is born as if it were written in a book.

The theory behind Astrology

Our birth charts are created using a complex mathematical technique employing the birth time/date and place, according to Sri Lankan astrology. The planets, which are regarded to be energy attracting objects, are placed in the chart together with the zodiac sign under which the person was born at the time of their birth.

They are placed in anticlockwise sequence into 12 resting locations known as ‘Bhava sites’ by astrologers. These are combined to decide different aspects of one’s life, such as health, inborn abilities, potential fortunes, marriage, and so on.

Planetary transits in the world chart determine whether one’s times are favourable or not. However, astrology’s methodologies and theoretical beliefs differ between civilizations, locations, and faiths.

For example, in Sri Lankan Buddhist astrology, the influences of the planets with positive or negative energies are attributed to karma and the planets’ radiations. The influences are thought to be overcomeable by positive choices/acts, mind power, and tenacity.

Astrology is thought to have originated between the concepts of religion, philosophy, and science, as evidenced by mentions of astrology in the Bible (where stars predicted the birth of baby Jesus) and stories of the ancient king ‘Ravana of Sri Lanka,’ who was said to have extraordinary astrological knowledge. It could have been cultivated over many years of humankind’s prediction and observation. Nature and mathematical calculations had for a long time found incredible aspects of existence. Astrology is nothing more than a single discovery.

Astrology is a desperate call or a safeway

People are on a never-ending journey through life, with expectations and the fear of losing dominating. We are all haunted by the uncertain and unpredictable ticks of our own lives, but to varying degrees. We are too moved by the desire to be successful, achieve goals, amass wealth, be healthy, and die old. It is common for people to turn to astrology when they are in a desperate position or when they require confidence (for example, at weddings or when beginning a business).

Belief or disbelief in astrology is partially a cultural legacy, as it is a perception passed down from older generations to younger generations. Understanding the foundations of astrology and understanding life’s terms might assist a person in accepting life and acting prudently. 

Astrology has a technique of expressing what is uncertain, such as the future. However, this does not always imply that it is the precise incidence. Isn’t that so? The more the belief, the more likely the person is to see the prophecies come true. It’s like believing the form of water is the shape of the glass it’s put into if you base your life decisions on astrology predictions… Water will only flow into whichever location it is led if it is removed. The only fact is that water will stay water regardless of its state, just as life will remain ‘life’ regardless of its state.

Astrology , Predictions and Possibilities: The Conclusion

Regardless of whether we know what our future holds or what difficulties we will face, time will shape events. Predictions and possibilities of all types could aid us in keeping track of our progress. However, it has the potential to reduce life’s excitement, the feeling of unpredictability, and the essence of existence itself. If we are walking through life with a roadmap in our hands, we may not notice what has been put out in front of us and instead focus on what is happening.

It is prudent to anticipate and comprehend situations as they arise to form our life experience by the choices we make for the current situation. “We are not here to make any life choices,” the oracle, the seer in the world-famous film Matrix,’ declared. We’ve already constructed them. We’ve come to find out why we made them….’

Some people believe in their ancestors’ way of looking at one’s existence on earth, while others completely reject the concept. One of the primary arguments against it is that if it is an old science, as they claim, it is implausible because humanity only recently figured out the location of the solar system and stars. The arguments are backed by the fact that the majority of astrology’s facts are based on assumptions that may or may not occur.

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