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How to get into a fitness routine as a working woman?

According to the Sri Lanka labour force survey – Annual bulletin 2020, the female labour force participation rate is 32%. Even though it is comparatively a low percentage, we should not forget this amount is increasing every now and then.


If you are a working woman or hoping to get into a job soon, this article is for you!!!


Do you know it is important to maintain our physical health and fitness in order to attain high productivity at anything we do? As working women, it is natural to get overwhelmed by the responsibilities we have and neglect our own health and fitness. The tendency to ignore your own fitness can be dangerous in the long run as it may affect your life in every aspect possible


So, if you are one of them, who spends most of your time devoted to your work while balancing family life, please try to adopt these easy lifestyle tips to become more fit and healthy !!!

Be active throughout the day

It does not matter if you spend most of the day sitting on a chair staring at a computer, try to take small breaks now and then. Especially, remember to get up and have a small 05 minutes walk and come back to work. If you are working in an office , try to use the staircase instead of the elevator

Exercise regularly

We know you value your time!!! But allocate at least 20 minutes daily,  for a small home workout. If working out is not your thing, just go for a run. These small 20 minutes may do a big difference in your life 

Drink your water

It is easy to immerse yourself in your work and forget to drink water!!! Consciously make an effort to drink water regularly! Make it a habit!!! Keeping yourself hydrated is important for your body to function well!

Do not skip your breakfast

Many of us tend to skip breakfast due to busy mornings. But, having a healthy and well-balanced breakfast is important to start your day!

Say no to refined carbs

Snaking is tempting. But if you are into food consisting of refined carbs such as cookies and chocolates it is not good for your overall health! 


If you could make use of  these simple,yet effective fitness tips, it’s not that difficult to build your personal fitness and achieve life with more confidence!!!