How to have healthy and radiant skin?

We all love our skin and try to protect it. Try different anti-ageing treatments to prevent the skin from ageing and sagging. 

Being too self-critical and negative self-talk can harm your own well being because it directly goes to your subconscious. Hence, be kind to yourself; Be more sympathetic towards your own self.

Here are 05 golden rules of skincare if you really need to have that glowing, well-hydrated and youthful skin without applying tons of makeup.

Double Cleansing 

Especially when you wear make-up, just one step of cleansing is not enough to remove all that makeup from your face

Hence, use double cleansing, it is just basically having a two steps cleansing method

First, use a cleansing balm or an oil-based cleanser to melt down all that make-up, dust, oil compiled on your face.

Then after washing it off, use a form-based cleanser to remove further remaining leftover residues of makeup and dirt. But please keep in mind, do not use very harsh form cleansers in this stage as it can dry out your skin

Chemical Exfoliation

Stop using physical scrubs anymore as they can harm your skin and it might even irritate the skin. Instead of physical exfoliators, use a chemical exfoliator which is commonly known as AHA and BHA


Select carefully which chemical exfoliator best suites for your skin


AHA   – alpha hydroxy acid   – For Dry skin


BHA   – beta hydroxy acid  – For Oily skin/ blackheads/ whiteheads


Please remember if you are just starting chemical exfoliators, start the products  with a very low concentration such as 2%

Layering the moisturizer

Especially when you age, a single layer of moisturiser is not much effective. So you have to strengthen your skin hydration by using thin layers of several products 

For example,

  • A hydrating toner
  • Essence/ Serum
  • Moisturizer

Always use the smallest amount of each product when you apply it to your skin

Leave at least 30 seconds between each step as you need to give time for products to really absorb into the skin

Facial Treatment Oils

Don’t confuse it with essential oils now. Facial treatment oils might or might not contain essential oils, so select your oil wisely. Facial oils can really support healing your skin.


Always go for cold-pressed, natural and plant-based oils and apply to the concentrated areas only 

Never skip the sunscreen

This is so important!!! Wearing sunscreen regularly can change your skin instantly. To prevent the loss of collagen of your skin by exposing to the suns UV rays, you need to wear sunscreen with a sound SPA amount 

So, these are the five golden rules of skincare. Now you know!!!

But let’s be real, Great skincare products that actually work and give you results can be really expensive!!! But again, spending on your skin is not considered as an expense, rather an investment as you live with your skin until you die.


So, we will slowly build up our personalized skincare regime and reduce spending on makeup as when you have nice, radiant skin naturally, the value of wearing make-up becomes useless and almost non-essential. Let your true beauty shine through!!!