Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant In 2021?

When the internet took over the world, everyone was excited about emails. Receiving an email was kind of joy at the beginning because it was new. But nowadays email is a common feature almost everyone uses daily basis and we are no more excited about sending or receiving an email. Decreasing the wow effect of emails leads businesses to question the importance of email marketing in this age.

But the reality is even though it seems boring and less effective, Email marketing is still way ahead of many of the other Digital channels we use for marketing purpose.

Here are some of the reasons why Email marketing is still important in 2021


Getting connected to target audience

Unlike other marketing tools, Emails can be sent to your target audience. Even you may segment your target audience and send personalized emails to them to create more connection. Personalized emails proved to increase your conversion rate.

Enhance brand recognition

You cannot expect customers to purchase your product or services right after they hear about your brand. When Customers seek product and services they tend to go for the brands they have in their mind first. So to establish your brand presence in your potential customers’ mind, Email can be used as a powerful tool. When the correct email sent, it creates a positive impact on customers mind and they tend to look up to your brand when they are in search of products and services next time.

The opportunity of monitoring the productivity

An email comes with unique metrics by which you can measure the productivity of the email campaign you just did. For example, open rate, bounce rate and click-through rate are some of the valuable metrics you can use to monitor the effectiveness of the Emails you sent. In that way, you can get an idea of your target audience behaviour and interest and the knowledge of customer behaviours and interest can be used to improve your product and service to enhance overall quality.

Saving cost

Email marketing is a low-cost marketing tool. The most interesting thing about Email marketing is it tends to bring in a higher return when compared to the low cost incurred. For example, It is estimated that Email marketing brings USD 40 for every USD 1 spent on the campaign.

Now you know why Email marketing is still a matter even in 2021. Feel free to speak to one of our Email marketing specialist at HYPE X to boost your business now.