Passikudah Beach: The city of the singing fish

You’ll need a lagoon if you want the ideal tropical vacation. They are soothing to the spirit since they are warm and shallow and have beautiful landscape all around. This is the place to go if you want a vacation in the sun.

Three lagoons make to the Batticaloa district’s beauty. The biggest lagoon is at Batticaloa. There are many things to learn about the lagoon’s life. Nature, wildlife, breeze, boats, fishermen, etc. Spend some time on or near the lagoons to learn about and appreciate the unique life there.

Things to see in Passikudah

Kallady Bridge: The oldest and longest iron bridge in Sri Lanka, built in 1924, adjacent to a more contemporary bridge. Another well-known feature of the Kallady Bridge is that it is a great place to hear the renowned Batticaloa singing fish.

Batticaloa Fort: People who enjoy historical sites would be love to see the Old Batticaloa Fort. The Dutch eventually took control of it after it was initially constructed by the Portuguese in 1628. From this fort, one can see Batticaloa’s stunning landscape and its well-known lagoons. On one of the numerous islands off Batticaloa, the fort is located.

Batticaloa Light House: Built-in 1913, the Muttuwaran Lighthouse in Batticaloa offers a fantastic view of the endless sea if you dare to climb the steep ladder that leads to the top, despite being narrower than most other lighthouses in Sri Lanka.

Whale watching & sea sports:The region in the northeast is excellent for whale watching. Around six to eight nautical miles east of Trincomalee (about 30 minutes by boat), in particular, blue whales are frequently spotted. 

Dolphins, namely spinner dolphins, are also frequently sighted. The majority of sightings take place between March/April and August/September as whales continue to migrate. 

Around ten months of nonstop whale and dolphin viewing are available in Sri Lanka every year at various locations along the coast. 

A journey on a boat with a fisherman, scuba diving, cruising through Passikudah Bay, coral reef exploring. You have a few alternatives below to explore the sea and lagoon at your own pace. 

The beaches at Passikudah and Kalkudah are ideal for bathing, safe swimming, and scuba diving.

With more than 120 kilometers of sandy beaches and numerous fishing villages, Batticaloa, which is bordered on the east by the Indian Ocean, is one of the best places for those who are in love with magnificent oceans. 

The most well-known beaches in the area are Passikuda and Kalkuda beaches, and you can take a truly tranquil stroll along either of them.

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