DDOS Attack

What’s a DDOS Attack?

You might be interested in learning more about hacking if you’re a newbie or a computer security enthusiast. Let’s discuss Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

This is an effort to take down a website or online service by flooding it with traffic from several sources.

They provide a significant obstacle to ensuring that people may publish and access crucial information and target a wide range of key resources, including news websites and banks.
Before Mafiaboy, DDOS attacks were unheard of, but over the past ten years, DDOS and other brute-force attacks have grown to be a serious problem.

How to launch a DDOS Attack?

There are numerous tools available to conduct such an attack, but let’s focus on the well-known LOIC tool today.

Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) was created by 4Chan-affiliated hackers and is intended for website stress tests.

A C# application for denial-of-service attacks and network stress testing is called Low Orbit Ion Cannon. LOIC was initially created by Praetox Technologies but later made available to the public and is now usable on a number of open-source platforms.

Let’s look at this tool’s usage for this.

1. Download the application by looking up LOIC.
2. Get the website you wish to stress test installed.
3. Start the application.
4. After installing the application, turn on the lock using either a direct IP address or a web URL.
5. Now alter Port 80, Method TCP, and the number of threads to your heart’s content.
6. After that, choose IMMA CHARGING MAH LAZER.

Important: This article is only meant to be educational. The authors are not responsible for any harm.

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