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Why is Ransomware your biggest cyber threat? - HypeX Blog | Digital Marketing News in Sri Lanka

Why is Ransomware your biggest cyber threat?

With the increasing rejection for ransomware promoting topics all around the world, we want you to know how important it is to know about this ransomware to protect your business against unnecessary cyber attacks.


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your data files. Then the attacker demands a ransom to give you access to encrypted data. You will have to make the demanded payment through bitcoin unless attackers will not allow you to access your files.


What are cyber criminals preferred targets to send ransomware?

There are two aspects when cybercriminals select their prey.

  1. Organizations / Businesses with a small cyber security system

For example, Universities have a huge database but a not so sophisticated and comparatively small scale security system. Attackers can easily accomplish their tasks when the database is not secured enough.


  1. Organizations / Businesses dealing with sensitive information and more likely to pay a high ransom to access their data after encryption

Government organizations, Media stations are two of such organizations where they deal with many sensitive and valuable information so if attacked, they are highly likely to pay the demanded ransom to get access to data again


How does your computer get ransomware?

There are many ways your network can get infected by ransomware. Below are some of the common ways your computer might get exposed to ransomware

  1. Phishing Emails with malicious attachments
  2. Drive-by downloading  – When you access an infected website 
  3. Social media  – Specially web-based instant messaging applications
  4. Through vulnerable web servers

Protect your business from ransomware

We thoroughly recommend you to follow the below steps to protect from ransomware

  • Update your operating system to reduce the risk of being vulnerable to malicious programmes
  • Do not install unknown software and don’t give them administrative powers
  • Install a virus guard and keep it up to date
  • Backup your data, always


Due to the toxicity of ransomware, it is being rejected by the worldwide online community. The greatest example of this major dislike towards ransomware attackers is the famous Russian hacking forum XSS banning all ransomware related topics recently. Ransomware as a service gangs ( RaaS) were unimpressed about this action and seems like they will not stop any sooner. 

Hence, please have an open eye and take all the precautions to protect your network and business from unwanted encryptions.