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10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Sri Lanka, your search ends here.

Here we have some of the best full-service digital agencies and social media firms in Sri Lanka that we’ve hand-picked!

There may be a few digital marketing agencies today in Sri Lanka, but that number will grow as more businesses use a digital platform.

This list is not arranged in any particular order nor is it a paid listing.

Top Ranking Digital Marketing Agencies in Sri Lanka for 2022


eMarketingeye is another firm that has won accolades for digital marketing and they have been in the industry for over 15 years. This is a digital marketing business situated in Sri Lanka that provides end-to-end solutions for all of the client’s demands. They are honored to have worked with some of the world’s most recognizable companies and to have overseen many client engagements.

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Triad Digital

Triad Advertising’s digital arm blends creative flare with technological skill to produce the best online marketing solutions for their clients. Since the company comes from a creative background their core strength maybe towards fantastic designs and execution. They offer digital consultation and solutions while have worked with many clients in Sri Lanka.

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Hypex Digital

Hypex Digital Marketing agency in Sri Lanka and one of the country’s newest firms that spans from an advertising background, having prioritized innovation and sustained development as a digital marketing and communication agency since 2020. They help businesses with Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing.

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This firm is well-known in the digital sector and has a lengthy history. Since then, they’ve collaborated with a slew of well-known firms. This company’s work includes eCommerce, mobile solutions, and application development.

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Antyra Solutions

Antyra Solutions combines creative services, technological innovation, and other digital marketing solutions. They claim to be a group of dedicated professionals determined to stand out from the crowd.

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Orix Marketing

Orix is an agency noted for its business expansion and integrated marketing. They specialize in timing products and services for optimal discoverability and profitability by utilizing the most creative sales, technology, and integrated marketing solutions.

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Pixel Clear

They work hard to develop your digital strategy. They also offer web development, software development, and SEO services and have worked with a variety of clientele. As one of several digital marketing organizations in Sri Lanka, they appear to be professionals in SEO services.

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Loops Integrated

They are an advertising agency in Sri Lanka that has a focus on digital marketing and an industry veteran. They have a track record of working for over 40 prominent brands, ranging from worldwide behemoths to local Sri Lankan businesses.

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IF Solutions

Since their inception in 2016 they employ digital technologies to create experiences with a greater effect. They can assist you through the perplexing world of IT. The company seems to be good at SEO and related fields as they have worked with many clients through out the years.

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Inmark Advertising

Inmark Advertising is a standard advertising firm that develops smart solutions to propel businesses forward with an emphasis on digital marketing. Clients receive a complete package, including account management and a range of value-added services.

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These listings are solely based on the Google ranking and also considering their impact as Digital Marketing Agencies in Sri Lanka. The listing can get updated from time to time.

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