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Have you heard about Meta’s latest announcement? They just released their new artificial intelligence model called SAM (Segment Anything Model) that can identify objects in images and videos with remarkable accuracy, even if it hasn’t seen them before during training. This is a huge leap forward in the field of AI!

And that’s not all. Meta has also released the largest dataset of image annotations ever, which will be incredibly helpful for other researchers and developers working on similar projects.

This is a more readable serif companion to its Roboto Sans typeface and each letter was redrawn from scratch to create a font that “thinks about Roboto, but is a new and original design,” according to Google UX manager Rob Giampietro.

The new tier will be available in numerous countries for $6.99 per month, and all of the premium material will have an average of four to five minutes of advertising each hour in this lower price point package.

Why do some posts go viral whereas some go unnoticed? Facebook’s algorithms clarify these all. 

According to Facebook new algorithms, it ranks all the available posts according to the likelihood of those posts obtaining positive feedback from the audience

Below four factors will decide the ranking of your post as per Facebook new algorithms

  1. The total number of posts
  2. Information about the post which you provide to Facebook
  3. Predictions on the reactions to the post
  4. The final score of the content

If you want to rank your posts higher on Facebook, here are a few tips for you to follow

  • Create meaningful content
  • Engage with your audience
  • Avoid click baits
  • Measure your performance using Facebook insights 
  • Be consistent 
  • Don’t ignore the competition

With the rising popularity of Snapchat and Tiktop, media reports that Instagram is struggling to keep its pipeline, “ the young audience”

Survey results of Piper Sandler claim that 35% of teenagers said Snapchat is their favourite social media platform and 30% said they prefer Tiktok. Only 22% of the teenage crowd said they prefer Instagram over the other two platforms

In 2018, when Instagram reached its 1 billion users Facebook CEO called it “an amazing success”. Eventually, Instagram became the growth engine of the Facebook network.

But at the moment Instagram is struggling to keep its target audience. Media specialists explain the reason for it. According to media experts, currently, we are in a momentum where the fierce and performative nature of Instagram is no longer appealing to the young crowd, so Instagram is keep loosing its young users.

The parent company of Facebook has been grappling with a plethora of issues that have alarmed investors and caused its shares to drop. Since investors are concerned about Meta’s pricey gamble on the metaverse, shares of Meta have fallen by nearly 73% over the past year.

Valve officially banned blockchain-based games and NFTs on Steam.

Games created on blockchain technology, which issues or allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs are not permitted on the world’s largest PC video game store, Steam

Many developers who create blockchain-based games have expressed their dislike on Valve’s decision to ban such games 

Age of Rust developer SpacePirate further explained that he believes NFT’s and blockchains are the future of the gaming industry.

With lawmakers overwhelmingly voting to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender, businessmen will no longer have to carry luggage full of CFA francs that will have to be converted into dollars or any other currency in order to make purchases abroad. They are the second country to adopt Bitcoin as their official currency.

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