[UPDATED] Online Travel Agents To Be Listed In 2022 For Hotels

Increase online sales for hotels in Sri Lanka & Maldives

Travel industry is one of the most diversified areas in tourism that’s not regulated enough or at all. Online travel agents are the perfect example for how a highly fragmented industry can be taken over in less than a decade. Leaving behind the travel giants in the industry in terms of turnover by leaps and bounds.

If you are managing a resort, chain hotels or themed properties travel agents is an essential component to your revenue. However, these Travel Agents cover the online and offline landscape thoroughly. Among the Online Travel Agents, there are 2 main segments,

  1. B2C (Business To Consumer)
  2. B2B (Business To Business)

How does B2C channels work for hotels?

For hotels both these segments are equally advantageous. However, B2C business model captures last minute business that are travelers who would be travelling at the moment or planning to travel within 3 months and this generates revenue in less volume but more frequently compared to B2B channels.

How does B2B Channels work for hotels?

Many Travel businesses in Sri Lanka are not aware of some of the B2B channels that generate in high volumes but it’s kept as a industry secret among the top travel agents. These B2B channels are destination/market specific travel experts that sometimes offer rates as bulk to tour operators or Travel Agents. Now many hotels offer a B2B rate to avoid the local travel agent rates from been published on Online Travel Agents around the world. B2B business captures the advance planners and offer attractive packages.

B2C Channels that you should be listed in 2022

  1. Booking.com
  2. Expedia
  3. Agoda
  4. Trivago
  5. TripAdvisor
  6. AirBnB
  7. Trip (Previously known as C Trip)

B2B channels for your travel business in 2022

  1. TUI Destimo
  2. Hotels Beds
  3. Restel
  4. Dnata
  5. FlightCentre (FCM)
  6. WebBeds
  7. Destinations Of The World (DOTW)
  8. GTA
  9. GrabCab

Global Distribution Systems is another way you can expand your revenue streams in sales which we can take a look in a different article. Also you need to make sure that going on OTA B2C channels is the right choice for your hotel since most of these channels contain a huge marketing budget. hence, they will not hesitate to redirect your brand website bookings to their channel. Therefore be vigilant that you won’t end up paying a commission for a booking that should have been yours in the first place.

You can have s market specific or season specific rates for both B2B & B2C channels for your hotels.

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